The Blossome Community helps people who have endured losing a loved one to addiction let go of guilt and find kinder ways to live with self-compassion and joy.

Find hope and connection in a supportive community with programmes and immersive experiences that will help you use your voice,  let go of beliefs that hold you back, establish new rituals that will enable you to find your way back to a better smiling Self. Dare to break free and allow yourself to blossome.

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You can live a different life.

Have you been placing a disproportionate amount of energy on a loved one at the expense of your own wellbeing?  Are you exhausted, numb? Do you feel like you will never love or smile again? Do you long for peace?

Only you decide how you feel every day. Join the Blossome community and connect with others who are on the same journey. Gain guidance and support taking action on One thing at a Time, to help you open up to joy and find your smile again.

Open up to Joy.

Learn from my journey. Stories of hope and inspiration filled with practical tips to help you find your smile.

Smiling Again.

You are not alone. Gain helpful tips, listen to others share their journey and share your story on our podcast.

Trying to make peace with your alcoholic?

Me too. Here’s my story.

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