It’s Time to Take Care of You

Blossome helps those who have endured losing a loved one to alcoholism or addiction go from feeling alone, exhausted and guilty to supported, energised and joyful with the Pathway to Peace healing journey.

Find your smile

Putting Life Back Together in a Healthy Way

Have you lost a loved one to alcoholism or addiction? Have you been putting your own life on hold while placing a disproportionate amount of energy on their recovery at the expense of your own wellbeing?  Are you feeling exhausted? Do you feel like you will never love or smile again? Do you long for peace?

Only you decide how you feel every day.  Join the Blossome community and connect with others who have committed to their healing journey. Gain guidance and support taking action on One thing at a Time, to help you open up to joy and find your smile again, with the Pathway to Peace healing journey.

Kim Moore Blossome


Join me on a Healing Journey

Years of living in an environment with active dependency has an impact. We develop habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.  There are many challenges to overcome, with changing our thinking and feeling and how we treat ourselves. Support is so helpful, especially support from others who understand what you are going though. We are better and stronger healing together. This is why I have founded the Blossome Community.  We can have fun exploring new things, discovering who we are and finding new purpose in life.  And just maybe, we can break the generational cycle of addiction too.

Smiling Again Podcast

The Smiling Again podcast is for those who have lost a loved one to alcoholism or any addiction. It offers conversations and helpful tips to support you through your journey of grief and healing after a traumatic loss.  In each episode you’ll take a way one thing that will help you let go of guilt, live with self-compassion, find your happy memories and start smiling again.

Blossome Smiling Again Podcast

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