Self-care for grieving hearts. It’s your turn to be supported. Learn self-care for you.

This free summer self-care programme is designed for people who have been bereaved by alcoholism or addiction.

Go from feeling alone, exhausted and guilty to supported, energised and happy on this guided self-care journey. Meet others who understand the heartache. Together, participate in activities to help you heal and find your way back to yourself. The programme is currently running and filled to capacity. Please add yourself to the waiting list and we will be in touch when another programme is scheduled.

What is the Blossome Grieving Hearts Summer Self Care Programme?

The programme offers a blend of physical, social, emotional and personal self-care activities, designed for people who have lost a loved one, friend or coworker to alcoholism or addiction. This is done in a group setting, where you will have the opportunity to form new friendships and find connection and understanding with people who have experienced a similar loss .

We are offering this programme free to participants.

This programme has been developed by Kim Moore who lost her husband Chris to alcoholism when he was 51. The guided journey has come from her personal healing journey, with input from grief specialists and therapists. We understand that this is an underserved and under-supported community, often suffering in silence and isolation.

Our range of expert programme leaders means we can offer you activities that are therapy informed. This isn’t therapy, but it will lift your mood and help you develop your own self-care habits, while supporting you on your own healing journey back to wellbeing and joy. Almost all programme leaders have also been affected by a loved ones alcoholism or addiction so they understand first-hand the heartache.

How does the programme work?

  • The programme runs for 12 consecutive weeks
  • The programme is led by self care specialists and therapists
  • The programme will have 12-15 participants
  • Some weeks take place at our main venue, the new Stanway Lakelands Centre
  • Sunrise dip, nature therapy, expressive art and gardening weeks take place in an alternate location
  • Each week the programme will include:
    • A 1-2-1 call with your self care supporter
    • An activity session
    • A learning focus
    • An online peer support group gathering

Is the programme for you?

If while recovering from your loss you are feeling any of the following, then this programme is for you:

Feeling you have no time to do things for you

Feeling there isn’t time for self-care

Feeling alone

Feeling complicated grief with feelings of guilt

Feeling stuck in fight or flight mode

Feeling high stress, anxiety and low mood

Feeling the past is holding you back

Feeling exhausted and lacking a sense of purpose

Feeling you’ll never love again

Feeling sad, like you’ll never laugh or be happy again

Curious about what you’ll experience? Take a look at everything you can explore.

What does the programme involve?

You’ll have the opportunity to choose to participate in both virtual and in-person activities. Each activity is designed to help you learn self care practices that will help you heal emotionally, find your way back to yourself,  and learn kinder ways of living with self-compassion and joy. You will develop a whole new relationship with yourself – full of love.

There are three modules each with a variety of activities:

🌸Managing Emotions. 🌸Self Care Tools & Coping Mechanisms 🌸 Allowing Joy

How can you take part in the programme?

If you are over the age of 25, if have been bereaved by alcoholism or addiction, or if you are suffering living loss, you can apply for the programme by clicking the “Apply Now” button and completing the referral form.

Please note, we cannot accept you into the in-person programme activities if you are not living in Essex, UK or within travelling distance to Colchester, Essex, UK. Alternatively, you can opt for support through our online community and learning programme.