#6 Calming the Storm in your Head

In this episode we talk about calming the storm in your head. I call it a hurricane. It’s that feeling of so much happening so fast that you can’t hear your self think over the thoughts swirling in your head.

I call it a hurricane because it’s that feeling of those just so much going on,

that you can’t hear yourself think over all of the noise that’s going on in your head.

And I didn’t even realize that there was a storm in my head.

I guess I ignored it because it was normal to me.

Now the word normal, we all use it a lot. And I heard a comment by Ashley C. Ford. She’s the author of somebody’s daughter, a wonderful memoir. And she was speaking on the Brene Brown Unlocking Us podcast, which I highly recommend. In this episode she said

“Normal are the things that should happen and common are the things that just do happen.”


Here’s a glance at this episode…

[2:08] So my life was a frenzy and I just didn’t know it. I didn’t notice because I was just so busy being busy and I was absolutely exhausted. Juggling work, wanting to succeed in my career while raising two children. Then, you mix my own behaviors with my husband’s alcohol dependency. Well, that just led to me being in a frenzy. And I have to say that now with all I’ve learned and looking back, I now realize that it wasn’t Chris’s alcohol dependency that caused the frenzy. No, it was me.

It was my behaviors and how I was managing with everything going on in our lives.

I didn’t realize that the frenzy made us late all the time.

I didn’t realize that the frenzy led to sleep this nights.

I didn’t realize that the frenzy kept me from being present with my own children.


[4:18] I was always busy in my head preparing for the next drama. The next bit of chaos, always preparing for the unpredictable and this storm in my head was fuelled by my perfectionism, by my self doubt, my guilt and my own longing for love.

[5:35] It wasn’t until the pandemic hit, which was three years after his death, three years later, I gave myself permission to slow down and to rest, to start to heal.

[6:53] So if you’re finding that life is a little bit hectic, a little bit chaotic, here’s some of the things that I used to do in those circumstances to help, to help me be able to prevent a frenzy or to at least be able to deal with it better when it did happen.

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