#16 Make Your Life Count With Boundaries

You can make your life count with boundaries. When you are consumed by a loved one’s addiction or alcoholism, it’s hard to see a way out of the repetitive cycle of chaos and trauma. In this episode of the Smiling Again Podcast we discuss boundaries and how they can help you live in a way that acknowledges that your life matters too.

Suna Spry, RSPH and author of Addicted to an Addict shares some helpful in formation that can help anyone consumed by a loved ones addiction or alcoholism to start working on their own recovery. She shares three realisations that you need to come to before you can start putting healthy boundaries in place – and stick to them.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[4:40] How do you think living in an addictive family home can shape a child?

[5:58] If we start with boundaries, when, when did you learn the importance of boundaries and, and how did that come about for you? So I would say it was probably two years ago. I’m going through my final relationship with my husband who was a addicted to cocaine.

[6:59] And this is when I then realized that I had to change me. I had to set boundaries. I had to make myself standards. And it’s really hard to put them in place when you’ve never done it. Moving forward, I’ve set boundaries and to try and keep on the track of boundaries.

[7:44] It’s about learning to realize that you’re just as important. Your life matters. It’s not all about them, because you do come become consumed by them and your whole life is put on hold and it’s all taken over by them. So if you don’t put boundaries in place, you’ll never have a life.

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