A love letter to yourself

Love. Learning to love yourself if incredibly important for your wellbeing. We’ve all heard this said, but it’s when we embrace it, that life begins to change – for the better.

On Valentines Day, I invite you to write a love letter to yourself. Show some love to yourself. You deserve it.  I will share the love letter that I wrote to myself this morning. It’s been on my to do list for months. So it’s time, to put pen to paper, open up my heart and see what comes out.

Dear Kim

I love you .

I know I don’t tell you often enough, so today I commit to feeling you every day that I love you.  Every day I will look in the mirror and say “I love you Kim.” Every day I will show you that I love you too.

When you need someone to comfort you,

when you need someone to show kindness,

when you need someone to show understanding

when you need someone to cheer you on,

when you need someone to point out all the things that are amazing about you,

I’ll be your someone .

I’m so proud of your courage,

I’m so proud of the way you have persevered in the face of challenge,

I’m so proud of your parenting and the two beautiful kids you have raised, I know it’s not been easy on your own.

I’m so proud of your resilience, how you continue to move forward in the face of adversity,

I’m so proud of of how you have faced the truth head on.

I’m so proud of your willingness to open your heart and share, in order to help others.

I know you feel loved when you are held. Hugs are so important to you.

I know that you feel loved when a gentle hand cups your face.

I will offer more hugs and more compassionate touches to remind you every day that you are loved.

I am you.

And I love you.

With a heart full of love

with a heart willing to open and project love, theres nothing we can’t overcome together.

How to write a love letter to yourself

Here are a few tips for writing a love letter to yourself.

  1. Find s space to site in privacy, with no interruptions. You want to feel safe to be able to open up your heart.
  2. Use a pen and paper. There’s something about pen and paper, the mindfullness that it allows, whcih enables you to open up your heart more.
  3. Write in the third person. It might feel a bit odd, but it makes it a bit easier!

You can use my letter as an example of some of the things to explore, but really there is no right or wrong way to do this. Just open up your heart, and write.  Enjoy. It’s rather special.



Kim Moore Blossome

About Kim Mo0re

Kim lost her husband to alcohol dependency in 2017. She created the Blossome Community to help others enduring losing a loved one to alcoholism or addiction find a Pathway to Peace so they can let go of guilt/shame and live with self-compassion and joy.

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