#22 Move Through Trauma with Hope

You can move through trauma with hope. Yes it is possible.

When you love an addict or an alcoholic, you can experience many, many circumstances, which can be quite traumatic. Whether it’s a big trauma or a series of small traumas which can take place over years, it has an impact on us mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Trauma can get stuck in your body and to really recover, we need to unwind and release all of that trauma. So how do we do this?

Christine is going tell us how in this week’s episode of Smiling Again.

I speak with Christine Yanke. Christine is an author who has written the book called Blinded by an Angel, which is her story. Christine has been a keynote speaker at mental health conferences, hospitals, addiction facilities, yoga studios, and universities, where she’s openly has shared her story of resilience. Her story reached thousands of people in 2018. When she was featured in Canadian living magazine. She’s also been a mentor to many in the field of addiction and recovery. She specializes in trauma informed yoga and is also the coauthor of clinical research gathered on residential treatment programs.

Christine teaches you how to feel to heal by releasing stored trauma in your body through yoga. Her personal story of resilience demonstrates how you can move through trauma with hope.

Christine shares what to do when fear holds you back. She talks through what fear means and when you’ll know you are ready to move through it, baby steps in pockets of openness.

We can all do the mental and emotional work, but we need to also put that physical together and start to move through the body. And that’s where it starts to unwind very slowly, and move through trauma with hope.

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