Do this when you are feeling the chaos

Take a moment to just breathe. We can get so caught up in whatever is unfolding around us. We tend to dive into action mode, convinced that doing something is the way out of the chaos that is happening around us. Often, what we need to do is to stop, and just breathe.

Whatever is happening right now, stop. Breathe.

For a moment, focus on one thing. Your breath.

Take some slow and deeper breaths.

Try 5 seconds on the inhale through your nose.

And 5 seconds on the exhale through your mouth.

You can even put your hand on your heart – it’s such a comfort

You may even wish to close your eyes, if it’s safe to do so.

Do you notice your mind wander?

Observe that. Label it, and come back to focusing on your breath.


Notice anything different?

That’s what it feels like to bring your attention to the present moment – not worrying about what’s going to happen next, or thinking about what happened in the past.


To bring yourself into the present moment.

When we love an alcoholic or an addict, we can find ourselves in stressful, chaotic, challenging circumstances. Goodness knows we have seen so much. We have lived through events that are unimaginable to most people. You may not have even told your family and closest friends about what is happening.

I’ve been there. And I’ve tried to solve it all, most of the time on my own. I would go into superwoman mode, fixing everything. Sorting out the problems. Or so I thought.

When I close my eyes now and replay those scenes, observing them. I can see how frantic I was. And during the frantic moments, I was unaware of the needs of my children. I simply wasn’t thinking straight.

When you are feeling overwhelmed, chaotic, anxious, stressed…. Just stop. And breathe.

Your breath is the one thing that you always have with you, wherever you go. Use it.

Throughout your day, look for moments to pause, to take a breath and connect with the present moment.

This could be when you are brushing your teeth, waiting for the kettle to boil, sitting in traffic, when you are on hold, or waiting somewhere. Or when you are noticing someone else’s behaviour, or when waves of grief wash over you.

Something special happens when we remember to breathe.  And the more we do it, the more we experience the ability to focus on one thing – the breath.

With practice, we can label the feelings.

Observe them.

Let them pass.

And then we are in a better position to respond to the situation with greater strength, logic, clearer thinking, and better communication.  When we breathe, we are more able to clear the noise in our head, access our self-care tools and feel joy in the present moment once again.

Enjoy this affectionate breathing meditation with our Mindfulness Self-compassion Programme Leader Amy Noelle. It’s a wonderful meditation, perfect for beginners.  Try the guided meditation.

If you are wanting help with your self-care so you can create lasting changes in your life, join the Blossome community for support and encouragement while you learn how to take care of you.   Follow a guided journey at your own pace, while you build healthy new habits, stay accountable and keep moving forward with your healing. You are worth it. Join the Blossome community.

Kim Moore Blossome

About Kim Mo0re

Kim lost her husband to alcohol dependency in 2017. She created the Blossome Community to help others enduring losing a loved one to alcoholism or addiction find a Pathway to Peace so they can let go of guilt/shame and live with self-compassion and joy.

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