Top Hurdles to Self care 

From busy schedules to self-doubt, you’ll come across various obstacles to self-care. Awareness of what they are can help you conquer them so you can cultivate a life filled with balance, joy, and wellbeing.

Here are our list of the top hurdles to self-care, from insight gathered in the Blossome self-care Community:

Lack of self awareness

The biggest hurdle to self care is not being aware that you need selfcare.  Ponder that for a moment and ask yourself “when was the last time I asked myself what I need for my own wellbeing?”

Always putting others needs first

It’s ingrained in us. We always take care of others before considering our own needs. If you have lived in an environment where there is active addiction, you most likely have spent endless energy supporting your loved one. Practicing self-care does not mean you are choosing yourself over your loved one. It means that you are being mindful of your own needs, so you are better able to support the people you care about. If you are tending to your own wellbeing, you are more able to care for others.

No time

When your life is busy and chaotic, it can be challenging to find the time for self-care. It takes self-love and courage to make the time. Start by practicing your self care first thing in the morning. Starting your day with water, stretches, meditation, a run- something healthy for you. You’ll have a more productive day as a result of the self care.


It’s not selfish to put yourself first. Tell yourself it will make you a better person. A better mom, a better sibling, a better spouse, abetter grandparent, a better friend, a better employee- because it will.

Low motivation and  energy

Starting something new requires some energy and a reason why. Find a strong reason and it will be easier for you. You are worth it.


Don’t let your monkey brain stop you. Don’t  overtrain or try to do everything perfectly. Just show up and remember to breath to calm yourself.


“It’s too easy/hard/slow/fast/long” – This is your internal resistance to change. Focus on finishing one self care practice at a time –  one day at a time, and you’ll soon start to incorporate self-care into your daily life.

Inability to sit still

It can be hard to slow done, never mind sit still to meditate, especially if your life has been busy or chaotic. You may feel that you don’t have time to sit still. or sitting still is being lazy, or it just feels uncomfortable. It’s like being on a spinning merry-go-round. When you first step off, the dizziness makes you so unsteady on your feet. But it will steady, and the unease will lessen. If you find it hard to sit still, perhaps that’s all the more reason to sit still.

Fear of failing

We often pass through a fear of failure or imperfection right before our awareness leaps to the next level. Share your experiences in the Blossome self-care Community and let everyone encourage you. You’re doing great!

Falling behind

Don’t worry about what you’ve missed. Focus on getting started again. Everyday is a new day and the right day to practice some selfcare.

Blossome offers a safe brave space, a peer support group for anyone affected by someone else’s battle with alcohol dependency or addiction. You are not alone. Together we learn self-care and find kinder ways of living with self-care and self-compassion. Join the Blossome .Self-care Community

Kim Moore Blossome

About Kim Mo0re

Kim lost her husband to alcohol dependency in 2017. She created the Blossome Community to help others enduring losing a loved one to alcoholism or addiction find a Pathway to Peace so they can let go of guilt/shame and live with self-compassion and joy.

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