30 Ways to Joyful June

Joyful June is a month of blooming flowers, longer days and all sorts of events that can fill each day with more joy. It can be a lovely month to see others and make the most of brighter times. Joy is the emotion that people often associate with ‘feeling blessed’ and has been show to have health benefits, as it sets off a series of reactions in the body that boosts the immune system, helps to fight stress and pain and more.

However, it can be challenging to feel blessed or joyful when you’re navigating the complexities of loving someone struggling with addiction or mourning a loss. When we love someone in addiction, joy can feel out of reach. But did you know that joy can be experienced in two ways:

  • Joy as a state of being
    This happens when we enjoy spontaneous and temporary feelings of joyfulness.
  • Joy as a character trait
    This is a more enduring characteristic of a person.

Research² found that both aspects of joy are significant and interact with other elements of well-being, such as gratitude and overall subjective well-being. All of which can be developed with practice and self-compassion. This is why the Blossome Self-care Community exists –  to help people open up to joy as part of healing and living a full life. Henri Nouwen said, “Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.” So I do hope you’ll join us with the daily prompts for a Joyful June.

Click here to download the Joyful June calendar 

Here are 30 ways to a joyful June:

  1. Write a list of your favorite things and do one of them today.
  2. Bake your favorite dessert and share it with someone you love.
  3. Create a playlist of songs that always make you want to dance.
  4. Spend time coloring or drawing, even if you’re not an artist.
  5. Write a thank-you note to someone who has made a positive impact on your life.
  6. Visit a local café and treat yourself to your favorite drink.
  7. Spend time playing with a pet or visiting an animal shelter.
  8. Go to a nearby botanical garden and immerse yourself in the beauty of flowers.
  9. Try out a new hobby or revisit an old one that you loved.
  10. Write a letter to your future self about what brings you joy right now.
  11. Dance around your living room to your favorite upbeat songs.
  12. Spend time outside watching the sunset or stargazing.
  13. Make a list of things you’re grateful for and reflect on them.
  14. Treat yourself to a small gift that brings you happiness.
  15. Take photos of things that make you happy and create a joy collage.
  16. Spend time with someone who makes you laugh and feel good about yourself.
  17. Volunteer for a cause that’s important to you.
  18. Plan a future trip or adventure that excites you.
  19. Write a short story or poem about a joyful experience in your life.
  20. Bake a batch of festive cookies.
  21. Create a cheerful playlist and have a dance party.
  22. Call or video chat with a friend who always makes you laugh.
  23. Write a list of things you are grateful for.
  24. Decorate a space in your home with bright, happy colors.
  25. Spend time with a pet or visit a pet shelter.
  26. Have a picnic in your living room.
  27. Sing loudly to your favorite songs.
  28. Read a funny book or watch a comedy show.
  29. Try a new hobby that excites you.
  30. Write a letter to your future self filled with positivity.

By trying out these joyful practices in your daily routine, you can invite the experience of joy and see what works for you. You can also see which of the daily activities may resonate with other people and get inspiration in the Blossome Self-care Community. It’s where we gather with others affected by a loved one’s struggles with alcohol dependency or addiction, coming together to find kinder ways of living with self-care and self-compassion.

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²Joy is a distinct positive emotion: Assessment of joy and relationship to gratitude and well-being, Philip C. Watkins, Robert A. Emmons, Madeline R. Greaves, Joshua Bell

Kim Moore Blossome

About Kim Mo0re

Kim lost her husband to alcohol dependency in 2017. She created the Blossome Community to help others enduring losing a loved one to alcoholism or addiction find a Pathway to Peace so they can let go of guilt/shame and live with self-compassion and joy.

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