The Blossome House Vision

Since the beginning of the pandemic, deaths from alcohol and addiction are rising, and the need to support loved ones has never been greater. Blossome House will be a place where all who have suffered the traumatic loss of a loved one to alcoholism or addiction can go for immersive healing experiences. They will no longer feel forgotten or unseen and we can begin to break the generational cycle of addiction in families.

Thank you to Francis Terry from Francis Terry & Associates for giving his time and talent to help bring the vision for Blossome House to life. We are truly grateful.

Immersive Healing Experiences

Community events and immersive retreats at Blossome House will offer visitors and guests the opportunity to explore new experiences and develop skills that they can take home and continue their healing journey with new faith and confidence as they ignite their soul with joy.

Help Fund Blossome House. What Your Money Could Do …

The money you contribute will be used to make a positive impact on people who have lost a loved one to alcoholism or addiction and help break the cycle of addiction in families. Our services will support people through a wide range of activities and courses, helping them build the life skills required to improve their emotional, physical and financial wellbeing.

Blossome House

Help fund the building of the main Blossome House.

Guest Suite

Help fund the building of a single guest suite in Blossom Village.

Flower Gardens

Help fund the Blossome flower gardens.


means an individual can take part in a physical activity with a trainer, helping them improve their physical wellbeing


pays for one day of money management training to help support people with managing their finances


provides art therapy, life writing or yoga/meditation sessions for up to 13 people to help them learn ways to take care of themselves