Coping with a loved one’s alcohol or substance misuse?

It’s time to take care of you.

Funded by Essex County Council

Supporting someone grappling with addiction can be isolating, overwhelming and riddled with self-blame. It’s challenging to navigate, especially without access to support. But there is hope – and it is found in the power of self-compassion.

Cultivating Self-compassion for carers of people struggling with alcohol or substance misuse

The Blossome Cultivating Self-Compassion programme is designed specifically for those impacted by addiction within their family or social circle. Learn to treat yourself with the same kindness and support that you would give to a good friend.

The programme will provide tools for responding in a kind and compassionate way towards yourself, when you are faced with painful situations and emotions.

By learning self-compassion you will gain the self-care tools needed and the confidence to use them regularly, to enhance your innate abilities to self-regulate your emotions. You will be able to actively cultivate the positive emotional states that are so important for your own health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Self-compassion is a transformative skill that will empower you to:

  • Change the relationship that you have with yourself into a loving, supportive one
  • Overcome the self-criticism that drains your energy and well-being
  • Cultivate loving self-kindness to navigate challenges with greater ease
  • Learn to deal with negative emotions such as anxiety and depression
  • Learn how to foster positive emotions such as compassion, kindness, hope and joy
  • Recognise your shared humanity, reducing feelings of isolation
  • Develop mindfulness to respond to difficulties with clarity and wisdom
  • Embrace “fierce self-compassion” to advocate for your self-care needs
  • Build resilience and sustain hope, even in the face of setbacks or life’s adversities

6-Week Cultivating Self-compassion Training

The Blossome Cultivating Self-Compassion (CSC) 6-Week training has been developed specifically for people looking out for someone who is suffering from addiction. Through discussion and guided exercises in a safe non judgemental group with others who understand the difficulties, you’ll learn skills that will help bring self-compassion into your life.

The training, developed by Dr Maya Campbell PhD, includes the core elements of the hugely successful The Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program, developed by Christopher K. Germer, PhD, leader in the integration of mindfulness and Kristin Neff, PhD, pioneering researcher in the field of self-compassion. The new elements designed specifically for the Blossome community take into account the increased burden that caregivers for those suffering from addiction experience and will actively address possible trauma related issues.

Live Online Cultivating Self-compassion Training

Learn CSC from the comfort of your home.

Live online 6-week course.
8th Oct – 19th Nov 2024
This course meets online every Tuesday 4pm – 6pm

In-person Cultivating Self-compassion Training

Learn CSC in a safe space, group setting in Colchester, Essex.

In person 6-week course.
2 Oct – 23 Nov 2024
This course meets every Saturday 11am – 1pm

How self-compassion has helped others

After the session, I got home to a very difficult situation and somehow felt like I could handle it and prioritise myself. I feel that being able to express myself in session, in writing but also having some courage to share with the group, helped me have my own back, so I’m proud of me. M

Self-compassion helped me believe again – believe in the possibility of change – that it is really possible to change how I feel.  You learn about the relationship between physiology and psychology, and how you can change how you feel by implementing small techniques. Hearing someone’s first-hand experience of it, the science behind it, it’s just something I’ve never been part of before. I think nowadays there’s just so much self-help out there and you don’t know what to believe and a lot of it feels quite wishy-washy and too simplistic but hearing Maya talk about it in such a scientific way, the studies behind it and how it helps her as well, it is just really fascinating. L

Self-compassion has been the greatest catalyst and support with my own self-care and healing. I have grown to love the sound of my own voice and looking in the mirror too. I smile back every time.I’ve completely changed the relationship that I have with myself. I love myself, honour myself, speak with loving kindness and that is changing my life for the better. Kim

Your Programme Facilitators

Dr Maya Campbell Phd

The Cultivating Self-compassion course is developed and led by Dr. Maya Campbell, PhD, a research scientist, psychologist and mindfulness teacher. She is a mental health professional with extensive training and experience in integrating modern scientific methods with contemplative and faith traditions to address mental health and wellbeing.

Kim Moore

The host of the Blossome community and programmes is Kim Moore. Kim is sharing her own journey of healing after losing her husband to alcoholism.  After her husband passed away, she realised she could no longer hide behind her husband’s alcohol misuse and had to choose happiness for herself.  She is walking the path of recovery, finding her way back to joy through self-care and self-compassion.

Learn Self-compassion in the Blossome Community

Healing is easier together. Meet others who understand what you are going through and know you are not alone. We created the Blossome Community for a safe, compassionate, brave space where people could come together to heal, learn self-care and strengthen the life-changing skill of self-compassion. By joining our community, you will be firmly on the path to developing a healthier relationship with yourself and prioritising your self-care.

Everything in the Community is an invitation. Through a choice of helpful videos, guided practices, self-care activities and community support, you’ll find enjoyment in learning proven self-compassion techniques to care for yourself as you support your loved ones.

Online support group

Gain access to the Blossome Community regular online meet-ups. Meet others who are affected by a loved one’s alcohol and substance misuse. Regular meetings online in a safe space.

Online Self-care Activities

Participate in the Blossome monthly live online self-care activities. Explore different forms of self-care and discover what brings you joy. Try different activities as you learn how to prioritise taking time out for you.

Online Learning Area

Gain access to the Blossome Community Online learning space – a place where you can find helpful self-care and self-compassion support videos that you can watch in your own time at your own pace.

In-person Self-care activities

Participate in a range of self-care activities and experiences in person.

Is the Cultivating Self-compassion programme for you?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, the Cultivating Self-compassion Programme is for you.

  • Do look out for someone who misuses alcohol or drugs, someone who would struggle to cope without your help?
  • Is your first reaction to try to find help for your loved one?
  • Does it often seem that support is geared towards the person with the substance misuse problems, when you struggle through problems too?
  • Is there chaos and uncertainty in your family home?
  • Do you struggle with feelings of guilt and shame?
  • Do you feel excluded from your social life due to embarrassment or shame?
  • Do you face the pressures of financial instability or bear the full responsibility of supporting your family due to your loved one’s alcohol or substance misuse?
  • Do you walk on eggshells around your loved one?
  • Do you feel you are the cause?
  • Do you feel high levels of stress, anxiety or a low mood?
  • Do you feel exhausted?
  • Do you feel judged and like no one understands what you are going through?
  • Do you feel so sad, like you’ll never laugh or be happy again?

Do you have any questions about Blossome or are you looking for more information? Reach out. We are here to support you.

What will you get by doing the Blossome Cultivating Self-Compassion Training?

We understand how overwhelming life can feel and how difficult it is to make time for yourself when coping with a loved one’s alcohol or substance misuse. The Cultivating Self-Compassion training is designed to gently guide you towards a kinder relationship with yourself. By participating in our practices and exercises, you can begin to alleviate the burdens you’re carrying. The journey requires effort, but with your commitment, you’ll discover the profound impact of self-compassion on your well-being.  With your effort, the possible outcomes from participating in the training can be:


  • Self-compassion
  • Self-worth
  • Motivation
  • Hope
  • Self regulation skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Improved immune system
  • Connections and community
  • Quality of sleep


  • Shame or self-loathing
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Overwhelm by stress or develop PTSD
  • Burnout from work and care roles
  • Colds or minor illness
  • Isolation

Take part in the programme. Apply for a Free space.

If you are over the age of 25, and have cared for or are caring for someone with alcohol or substance misuse, you can apply for a free space by clicking the “Apply Now” button and completing the application form.