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How to heal your heartache with an evening ritual

Create a blissful evening ritual that will help you heal your heartache from the effects of a loved one’s battle with alcoholism or addiction. Learn how to let go of suppressed emotion and calm your racing mind so you can allow your body to rest peacefully and heal while you sleep. 15 minutes of self-care each night, time devoted to taking care of you.

Sunday 10th – 14th March 2024 at 9 pm GMT

It’s Time to Prioritise You

Create a blissful evening ritual that will nourish your whole body mind and soul. Wind down, take care of yourself and heal your heartache – because you deserve it.

The best way to support your healing is to take care of yourself before bed

What you do before bed has a significant impact on what your subconscious mulls over while you sleep.  What you do before bed also impacts your mental state when you wake up the next morning.  This is why it’s so important to consciously take care of you at the end of the day.

Join in and follow Kim, Anna, Stephanie, Samantha and  Christine who have all been on a healing journey for years. They will step you through how to create an evening ritual in 15 minutes each night. Time devoted to taking care of you.

Sunday 10th March 9 pm GMT
Monday 11th March 9 pm GMT
Tuesday 12th March 9 pm GMT
Wednesday 13th March 9 pm GMT
Thursday 14th March 9.20 pm GMT

Creating an evening ritual was the one thing that had the biggest impact on my healing and recovery after losing my husband to alcoholism.

Kim Moore

Evening 1:
Boundaries are Self-Care

Evening Ritual Boundaries

Boundaries for you are a big part of creating a routine of self-care. You deserve to fill your cup back up, so let’s start it together with creating healthy boundaries for you. Set some healthy boundaries with Anna’s guidance.

  • Scheduling self-care
  • Creating a boundary for worry
  • Mapping out your next day

Evening 2:
Bedtime Yoga

evening ritual yoga

Yoga in the evening can remove the fatigue of the day’s strain and help you release trauma, tension and emotions that you hold on to. Let go with Christine’s support.

Evening 3:
Loving You

Evening ritual self compassion

Give yourself permission to take care of you. Let’s start with loving yourself, creating a willingness to give some time to you at the end of each day. Learn self-compassion with Amy’s guidance.

  • Noticing and quieting your thoughts
  • Tuning in to your body
  • Planning to get enough sleep

Evening 4:
Gratitude Journaling

gratitude journaling

Bedtime journaling is a great way to clear your mind. Studies show that journaling helps you get a better nights sleep. Combined with gratitude,  you’ll go to bed with positive thoughts. Start journalling with Kim’s guidance.

  • Things I’m proud of
  • A beautiful moment of joy
  • Thanks you are grateful for

Evening 5:
Meditation Before Bed

evening ritual meditation

Meditation can help you sleep better. It quietens the mind and body and enhances inner peace. Nightime relaxation increases your overall calmness increases. Quieten your mind with Samantha’s guidance.

  • Mindfulness & body scan


Evening 6:
Sound Bath

evening ritual sound bath

Melt away all of your stresses and tensions with this amazing meditative experience of being “bathed” in sound waves. Enjoy this experience led by Laura.

Your Evening Ritual Experience Hosts

Your guides are here every evening to greet you with a smile and to hold your hand. We promise simple steps, guiding you and making is easier to create an evening ritual that works for you.

Kim Moore

Kim Moore

Kim lost her husband to alcoholism. A difficult journey while raising 2 children alone with her family living on the opposite side of the world. Kim wholeheartedly shares her experiences on her healing journey with all of its ups and downs to help others. She has founded the Smiling Again Podcast and the Blossome Community which helps people enduring losing a loved one to addiction find a Pathway to Peace so they can let go of guilt and live with joy. Kim has also given a Tedx Talk called How to find joy when you love an alcoholic.

Anna Martin-Stavovy

Anna Martin-Stavovy

Anna is a recovery coach, helping families and friends find themselves again through the chaos of loving an addict, as well as guiding the addict back to their true self through the darkness. She is the wife of an addict in recovery, and also recovering from codependency herself.  When not life coaching, she is a Mom of a beautiful two year old daughter. Nature is her place of peace and chances are you’ll find her sitting in the sunlight, exploring the outdoors, or hanging out with animals. Anna is also one of the speakers on We Are Recovery.

Christine Yanke

Christine specialises in trauma informed yoga and is a co-author  of clinical research gathered on yoga intervention for women with substance use disorder in a residential treatment programme. She is a mental health advocate and has written a book about her amazing story of resilience – Blinded by An Angel.

Samantha Layzell

Samantha Layzell is a registered Yoga Elder having taught over 5000hrs of yoga and meditation classes. She co-owns Same Star Yoga, where she teaches every day. Samantha’s calming vibe and positive energy come through in every class where she compassionately encourages her students to get to know themselves through the power of slowing down. Samantha strongly believes in making meditation accessible and available for everyone.

Amy Noelle

Amy Noelle, Certified Mindfulness & Self Compassion Coach.

Stephanie Bennell

It’s Time to Prioritise You

Create a blissful evening ritual that will nourish your whole body mind and soul. Wind down, relax and take care of yourself.  – because you deserve it.

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