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Abundance – Positive Money Mindset

18 July 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Unlocking Abundance – A Positive Money Mindset

Unlocking Abundance is a dynamic workshop designed to help you examine your relationship with scarcity and abundance. With anxieties surrounding financial responsibilities after the devastaing impacts of a loved one’s battle with alcoholism or addiction, this workshop aims to build resilience, shift old patterns of thinking, and discover new solutions for self-worth and prosperity. Join us for a fun session where you can embrace your own positive journey to abundance.

Experiencing financial hardship while shouldering all family financial responsibilities and paying for a loved one’s rehabilitation can lead to a negative money mindset and feelings of scarcity. With the current cost of living crisis, more than ever we can fear what the future may bring:

  • feelings around being the sole income provider for the household
  • dealing with debts left behind by the loved one who died
  • facing up to dealing with the admin and paperwork
  •  taking charge of everything
  • some parents feeling responsibility for children’s financial futures

A more positive and abundant mindset is essential. In this session, Debra will aim to assist you in building your own resilience in dealing with these issues through enjoyable creative activities to free you up, and discover new solutions to old ways of thinking around self-worth and prosperity.

So, wear loose clothing and jump in to find joy in your own positive journey to abundance.

Participants in the Blossome Summer Self-care for Grieving Hearts programme will have the opportunity to participate in this session and together share a wonderful experience.

Important Notice:

This is not a formal therapy group, but the hope is that it may have a therapeutic value in your vision for a more abundant future. The workshop is tailored to be fun and informative. Blossome is not a crisis intervention service. We signpost to other services. Information will be provided at the session to ensure all participants feel supported.

Debra Colkett


Meet Debra Colkett, Art’s Psychotherapist of 23 years who has worked in all areas of mental health with adults, children, and young people. I am also a life coach. I am delighted to be facilitating the Abundance workshop for Blossome this summer.


Q & A

Experiencing financial hardship while shouldering all family financial responsibilities and paying for a loved one’s rehabilitation can lead to a negative money mindset and feelings of scarcity for several reasons. First and foremost, the financial burden of rehab costs can be substantial, often requiring significant financial sacrifices and stretching one’s resources thin. This can create a sense of scarcity, where individuals feel there is not enough money to meet their basic needs, cover expenses, or save for the future.

Furthermore, the emotional toll of seeing a loved one battle addiction can lead to heightened stress and anxiety. This emotional strain can impact one’s ability to make sound financial decisions and prioritize their own financial well-being. In such circumstances, individuals may prioritize their loved one’s recovery over their own financial stability, neglecting their own needs and exacerbating feelings of scarcity.

The prolonged nature of addiction and the associated financial burdens can also create a cycle of chronic financial stress and uncertainty. This can erode confidence, increase feelings of powerlessness, and perpetuate negative beliefs around money, reinforcing a scarcity mindset.

Moreover, the experience of financial strain and hardship may limit opportunities for personal and professional growth, reducing access to resources and financial security. This can further reinforce negative money beliefs and perpetuate a scarcity mindset.

Overall, the combination of the financial strain, emotional distress, and limited resources experienced while paying for a loved one’s rehab can contribute to a negative money mindset and a sense of scarcity, hindering financial self-care and creating additional challenges in building a positive relationship with money.

The abundance session takes place at the beautiful new Stanway Lakelands Community centre in Colchester, Essex CO3 8WD

No, if tickets are available, you can enjoy this session even if you are not enrolled in the Summer Self-care for Grieving Hearts programme. However, you will experience more benefits if you take part in the 12-week programme, building relationships with the group, enabling you to feel part of the community and connected with others.

The session lasts for 2 hours, 7 – 9 pm. There is time before the end of the session to enjoy refreshments together with the group.

The session is suited to anyone who has been bereaved or affected by someone else’s alcoholism or addiction. It will enable you  to explore emotions that come up in a safe supportive environment.

After the abundance session, you will have the opportunity to reflect on the experience and share with other participants as we sit in nature and enjoy refreshments together. ❤️

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18 July 2023
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Blossome CIC
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Stanway Lakelands Centre
Colchester, Essex + Google Map