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How To Keep On Track With Your Self Care

You’ll gain helpful tips from others who are doing great at taking care of themselves. When we start to practice self care, it can be challenging establishing these new healthy habits.  Hear from others about what they are doing!   Fill in the form to download the free guide.

Hi,  I’m Kim Moore

I lost my husband Chris to alcoholism in May 2017. That was also when I fell apart. When you lose a loved one to any addiction, the impacts are devastating. We experiences multiple traumas over a series of years, and feel helpless, watching our loved ones fade before us.  My grief was complicated and I found myself stuck, unable to move forward in life. Every day was a struggle and my finances were in trouble.  I had put all of my energy into my children caring for them, and I forget how to take care of myself.

When you love an addict, we tend to spend a disproportionate amount of time caring for and supporting our loved one. So much so, that we forget to take care of ourselves. Every day I work on myself. Everyday I do something to further my healing. I know from experience that there are many ups and downs. Sometimes its just tough and incredibly difficult to keep on track. But you must, for you.

Are you looking for ways to take care of you?  This guide can help!

If you would like to tap into the experience of others walking the same journey, download the free guide. This guide will give you lots of lovely ideas, things to try to take care of you.

Keep on track with taking care of you! Download the free guide filled with a list of lovely things that you can do to keep on track with taking care of you.