Kim is walking the West Highland Way for Blossome

Kim, the dynamic founder of Blossome, is setting out on an exciting adventure by walking the entire West Highland Way. Beyond the scenic landscapes and breathtaking views of Scotland, this journey signifies the power of resilience, hope, and positive change that Blossome champions every day.

The Challenge

Kim is taking on the challenge of hiking the 96 miles of the West Highland Way. This trek will take her from the edge of Scotland’s largest city to the foot of Britain’s highest mountain passing through spectacular and challenging terrain on the way.

For over a week, Kim will be walking every day over hills, through forests, along the twisting banks of rivers and lochs and through the wilderness of the remote moors to travel from Milngavie to Fort William. The West Highland Way is both a physical and mental test and Kim will need to dig deep to complete it.

Support Kim & Blossome

Building the mental and physical resilience to take on a challenge like this has been at the heart of Kim’s mission for Blossome of finding joy through self-care and discovery. A journey like this needs stamina to deal with the many ups and downs of the roads, as well as the mental strength to persevere day in and day out, but it also rewards that effort.

Blossome’s Pathway to Peace is about finding joy and happiness in life and this journey illustrates that process. There’ll be tough times along the way, but the rain, the sore feet, the midges and everything else lead to joyous and fulfilling moments along the way be it the view from Conic Hill, the beauty of Loch Lomond, the vast wild space of Rannoch Moor or the satisfaction of reaching the top of the Devil’s Staircase.

Supporting and sponsoring Kim along this journey will help Blossome provide experiences like this for others, enabling them to begin their own healing journey and their routes to joy and a better future.

All proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly towards developing a walking programme for the Blossome community. Your donations will make it possible to have a dedicated walking programme leader and trained walk leaders who encourage participants to keep moving forward, one foot in front of the other. The walking programme will consist of regular walks of varying distances, a training programme for larger challenges where participants can work towards building the courage to take part in an epic longer journey. We hope funding allows a journey traversing through flower fields in The Netherlands.

About Blossome

Kim’s brainchild, Blossome, is a pillar of strength and hope for many. At Blossome, we celebrate the spirit of togetherness, guiding individuals through the Pathway to Peace healing journey and towards a brighter, joyful future.

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22 Aug 2023 – 29 Aug 2023

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