Mindfulness Practice


Mindfulness Practice with Amy Noelle, Certified Mindfulness & Self Compassion Coach

Practice the Pause

Learn to respond to stressful situations more skilfully by utilising this simple mindfulness practice called STOP. Use this whenever you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, stressed, activated by life challenges.

Would you enjoy more of this type of guidance?

Join the Blossome Community where Amy provides new guidance every month, helping you develop your self-compassion practice.  Inside the community, you will be guided along a Pathway to Peace healing journey, providing you with the opportunity to try new activities, learn new things and gain the support you need to change the relationship that you have with yourself, help you work through your grief and guilt, and transform your life, bringing out a happier more joyful you.

Get a taster of what is inside the Blossome Community by participating in “A Wonderful Week of Prioritising Me”, a coaching week that we will be running from the 7th-13th of February 2022.