The Blossome Story

Blossome helps those who have endured losing a loved one to addiction let go of anger, guilt, shame to find kinder ways of living with self-compassion and joy.

Blossome Membership

3 November 2021

The date for our upcoming Founding member launch.

Pathway to Peace

23 September 2021

Months of research and my own experience has led to the creation of a Pathway to Peace.

Smiling Again Podcast Launched

25 June 2021

Launched on an important date, my husband’s birthday. One week before he died, he encouraged me to share my story.

Blossome Community

1 May 2021

During the pandemic, I started to think more about what I was wanting to build. The vision of a community, with helpful resources started to develop. New brand identity launched.

Tedx Talk Published

17 August 2020

I felt the need to talk about what happened after my son said he didn’t talk about his dad. When someone dies, you need to talk about it. Three is no shame in alcoholism. There is only a misunderstood illness and the devastating impact that it has on families.

Blossom Bottle Website published

2 August 2020

I built a website with a blog to begin to share my healing journey. I didn’t know where I was headed, but I did know that something beautiful could come from something so painful