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About the Blossome Smiling Again Podcast

Our Mission

To overcome the stigma and shame that surrounds addiction, and raise awareness of the destruction felt by families. To put an end to the destructive cycle, empowering people to talk openly, to increase awareness and understanding. To help people gain the courage and the support they need to break the cycle, to recover from the trauma that shrouds over families. To transform lives and help people start smiling again.

Our Audience

Our audience consists primarily of people who have endured the pain and trauma of loving and losing an alcoholic, placing a disproportionate amount of energy on their loved one at the expense of themselves. Some feel broken after unknowingly losing parts of their own being over the years. They are exhausted, numb, and feel like they will never love again, never be happy again. They also feel shame, anger or guilt – thinking that they should have done more to save their loved one. They long for peace.
Over time, we want to grow this audience to anyone wanting to improve their understanding of the devastating impacts, the ripple effect that alcoholism and addiction has on families.


We use ZOOM for our podcast interviews. Yes, we do record the video.
We will use Zencastr for your audio. All you will have to do is click a link that we send to you.
Please be aware of any background noise that can affect the quality of the sound (fans, a/c units, pets, etc). Please shut down all other applications apart from Zoom and your browser, and close other browser tabs/windows. Other devices in your home that may be using the internet connection (someone streaming a movie or uploading a large file…) can cause internet connectivity issues. Please make sure you have all the internet juice at your disposal. Use an ethernet connection if possible.