Pre-bereavement support for anyone worried about a loved one’s drinking or drug use

Join the Blossome Community for pre-bereavement support for anyone worried about a loved one’s drinking or drug use. Find solace, understanding, and peace within our compassionate self-care community. Connect with others facing similar struggles and discover ways to cope with the emotional turmoil. Support is here for you.

Pre-bereavement support for those worried about a loved one’s drinking or drug use

Pre-bereavement experiences for those worried about a loved one’s drinking or drug use are often fraught with anxiety, helplessness, and fear. The constant uncertainty and anticipation of loss creates emotional turmoil. Loved ones may experience sleepless nights, strained relationships, and a perpetual sense of impending doom, grappling with the pain of watching someone self-destruct.

This unfortunately is common with loved ones who misuse alcohol and drugs.   When we slowly watch a loved one disappear and fade before our eyes, it is agonising, heart wrenching and traumatic. This can be a particularly lonely experience as your loved one may not be open conversation about the likelihood of death nor acknowledgement from those around you that you are grieving some who is alive.

In the Blossome Community we support those who are experiencing living loss, grieving before the person has died. We help open up the conversation to help you prepare for death, so if your loved one does die, the aftermath is easier to manage.

A Pathway to Peace

All Blossome activities and programmes follow a Pathway to Peace, offering resources and support for establishing new healthy patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. 

Fearing losing a loved one to alcohol or substance misuse is traumatic. We often live in an environment where we unknowingly develop unhealthy ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. It can leave us feeling alone, broken, and shrouded in guilt, shame and anger, not knowing which way to turn. Learn to release stuck emotions and find kinder ways to live with self-compassion.  Allow yourself time and space for your own self-care in a safe, supportive non-judgemental community. 

We are so happy you have found us

Join the Blossome self-care Community which offers pre-bereavement support.  Together, we can build connections that support each other on the path to recovery and friendship.