A Pathway to Peace

Embark on a clear guided Pathway to Peace for support, month after month as you take actionable steps towards improving your own wellbeing and regaining a sense of purpose. Discover resources and support for establishing new healthy patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. It all starts with a decision – a decision to change. 

Pathway to Peace

A Pathway to Peace

Follow a Pathway to peace, offering resources and support for wherever you are on your healing journey. Everyone’s healing journey is their own and we travel at our own pace. But you don’t have to journey alone.

Losing a loved one to addiction is traumatic. It can leave us feeling alone, broken, and shrouded in guilt, shame and anger, not knowing which way to turn. Learn to let go, find kinder ways to live with self-compassion and allow yourself to blososme in a safe, supportive community.  Make progress at your own pace, or speed things up by learning through others experiences. 


It’s up to me

I decide how I feel every day and I don’t want to feel this way anymore. It’s time for change.


Support for me

I’m not alone, I’ll reach out and connect with others for support.


Self Awareness of me

I am becoming aware of my habitual thoughts, emotions and behaviours.


Self Care for me

I am learning about me and discovering new things that I love.


Self Responsibility of me

I’m taking responsibility and however long it takes me to heal is ok.


Self Compassion & Acceptance of me

I will continue to be warm and understanding toward myself.