Self-care Programmes

Blossome offers a range of self-care programmes all designed with learning mindfulness and self-compassion at the heart of all activity.

Prioritise your self-care

Self-care is not selfish, it’s essential

Every Blossome self-care programme takes participants on a self-care journey, in a safe brave space.  You will follow the Pathway to Peace 6 step programme which is designed to help create long-lasting change. Our aim is to make self-care a way of life, giving you the confidence and the resilience needed to manage life’s adversities while prioritising taking care of you. When we take care of ourselves, we are better able to support others. We are also able to set a great example for those who learn from us. Be the one that breaks the generational cycle of alcohol dependency or addiction i your family. Start taking care of you. Learn how to prioritise your self-care by attending one of our self-care programmes.

During the course of my healing journey over the past 10 years, I have met some wonderful people and discovered some helpful resources. This is where I will share some with you.

Kim Moore

Self-care Programmes

As we grow and gain more funding, we will offer self-care programmes to help yo learn how to take care of you.

Self Care Ideas

Summer Self-care for Grieving Hearts

This summer self-care programme is designed for people who have been bereaved due to alcoholism or addiction.

self compassion bingo card

Spring Self-care for Grieving Hearts

Little things you can do to treat yourself better and enjoy Christmas with more calm and ease.

Supportive Touch Exercise

Heal Your Heartache with an Evening Ritual

Learn how to let go of suppressed emotion and calm your racing mind so you can allow your body to rest peacefully and heal while you sleep.

Self-care Tips

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