Experience Restorative Yoga

Thank you for booking your Restorative Yoga session.

We know that finding time to priotitise your own self-care can be challenging. We all have felt that way. So well done for making the decision to do something for you. Make sure to book the Restorative Yoga session into your calendar¬† – make space in your life for it, and let others know that you are not available during the session time – it’s ME time.

What to expect

During the restorative yoga session, you’ll be introduced to a type of yoga that may not be what you are expecting. In this session, you’ll learn tips on how to help your body rest, feel supported and let go… of tension and emotions.

You don’t need to worry about being bendy or having experience. This session is suited to everyone.

What to do next…

Check your email for further instructions.  We will send you some instructions via email so you can feel prepared for your restorative yoga session. We want you to relax and enjoy the experience. It will be one for your self-care activity book.