Volunteer Treasurer

What the role involves:

As a volunteer treasurer you will be responsible for these kinds of tasks:

  • Preparing a financial summary for the Annual General Meeting  of the CIC
  • Basic Bookkeeping and keeping an ongoing record of all CIC income/expenditure using our accounts system (Business Finance Assist) and ensuring all expenses and invoices are paid on time.
  • Administering the CIC’s bank account, including banking any cash or cheques, and potentially acting as a card or petty cash holder.
  • Filing all paperwork and records relevant to the CIC finances and submitting quarterly reports to our directors and advisors
  • Ensuring the CIC complies with the financial guidelines
  • Responding to any financial correspondence regarding the CIC, including keeping staff informed of relevant financial information.
  • Liaising with our accountants as and when required

Who the role might suit:

  • To be an effective volunteer treasurer you will be someone who has good numerical skills and has experience of some kind in working with numbers and accounts. You’ll understand nominal codes and accounts systems.
  • If you’re a person who enjoys working with numbers and are able to maintain clear and accurate financial records then this might be a good role for you.
  • A group treasurer needs to be willing to work in line with financial guidelines, policies and CIC reporting requirements.

What the role can offer you personally:

  • As a treasurer you will play a significant role in supporting and developing a welcoming community for people affected by a loved one’s alcohol dependency or addiction.
  • The role provides an opportunity to engage with your local community, meet new people and to lead and develop a vibrant and engaging local team.
  • It also offers you a chance gain and develop self-care skills and increase your employability by volunteering with a growing and well-respected CIC

Where and when you would volunteer:

The role is located in Colchester City Centre with remote working too. You would be volunteering whenever it suits you. The person to contact about this role is: Kim Moore.

You can make a difference

Volunteer with us

You can help make a real difference to someone who has been affected by someone else’s drinking or drug use.

People are isolating themselves because of guilt, shame and the stigma surrounding alcoholism and addiction.

Whether you want to commit a few days a week or a few hours a month, your support can make a real difference. Talk to us and chat with us about how you think you might be able to help. As a new growing non-profit organisation, we need support. Fill in the form and we will be in touch to chat through volunteering opportunities where you live. We are so grateful you have found us.