6-month progressive walking programme

Walking Through Emotions

Remember who you are and discover depths of resilience, inner peace and joy through walking.

Walking Through Emotions Progressive Walking Programme

Walking Through Emotions is a 6-month progressive walking programme, designed to help you explore weekly walking as part of a life-changing, self-care programme, supporting you with your emotional self-care. Feel the benefits of learning presence, self-compassion and mindfulness as a way of supporting your own wellbeing.

Gain physical fitness, social connection, confidence and resilience as you work towards taking part in and completing a 15-mile walk. Commit to regular participation and apply for a space on a 3-day walking holiday – Finding Hope.

Programme Aims

  1. To develop participants’ ability to walk, increasing physical activity levels through regular walking.
  2. To develop participants’ understanding of navigating routes, to build their confidence so they can take what they’ve learned forward into future walking, to help establish a walking habit.
  3. To increase participants’ ability to be present in nature.
  4. To increase participants’ ability to engage in mindfulness.
  5. To reduce isolation and loneliness.
  6. To increase self-care.
  7. To increase self-compassion.

Making Progress

You will receive a programme credentials booklet, and gain stamps for each walk that you complete. Monitoring your own progress can make it easier to build healthy new habits.

Our Walk Leaders

Blossome Walk Leader Kim Moore

Kim Moore

Walk Leader
Nick Barlow

Nick Barlow

Walk Leader

John McArthur

Walk Leader

Volunteer to be a Walk Leader

Please sign up with the form to let us know that you would like to volunteer to become a walk leader. We will then be in touch with further information.