I’m Faye Shekhar

Yoga teaches us to shine the light of knowledge and awareness into all aspects of life, to find our balance and seek out truth.

Hi, I’m Faye. My experience as a teacher has been that everyone at some point experiences suffering and that may show up in the forms that we have labelled as stress, anxiety, sadness, fear or depression whatever it may be.  My intention as a teacher is to make sure that my students whether 1-2-1 or in a class environment come to see their mat as a haven of safety where they can take the time to observe whatever it is they are experiencing & through the practice of yoga, bring them out of the illusion of the separate self and enable them to connect back to their innate being or essential self once again.

About Faye

Faye Shekhar has been in the fitness industry since she was 16 through varying rolls.  In 2003 she started her holistic journey studying Pilates & in 2007 began her first Yoga Teacher Training.

Fortunate enough since to have done trainings with Judith Hanson Lasater – Restorative, Liz Lark – Ashtanga Uma Dinsmore Tuli – Pregnancy & Women’s Health, Claire Missingham, Shiva Rea, & Sianna Sherman – Vinyasa, Suzanne Faith Slocum Gori – Anusara, Noah Mazé – anatomy & sequencing, Nikki Slade – Kirtan, many great Jivamukti Masters, Hareesh, philosophy & Faye continues her studies with & Paul Muller Ortega & The Blue Throat Yoga school of Kashmir Shaivism.  Lucky to be following both of her passions as a travelling Yoga Teacher and privileged to have taught in some incredible locations across the globe such as Peru, New Zealand, Barbados, Bali, India, Sri Lanka and many more.  Has lead many of her own retreats & also works with leading retreat specialist Reclaim Your Self.

In 2018 Faye opened a yoga studio in dedham where she began teacher trainings, she has had many students go on to be teachers under her instruction over the past 4 years & continues to try to support them where she can through the instagram page @onenesscollaborative.

Faye has witnessed how the woven tapestry of her teaching, the asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), meditations, the philosophy, intention & deeply thought out eclectic plays lists and various other forms of nada (sound) have often lead to profound change and therapeutic healing. She finds great joy in empowering her students to find their dharma (purpose).


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